Pupil Equity Fund (PEF)

For information on the Pupil Equity Fund go to:


For our latest newsletter, detailing how we have used our Pupil Equity Fund, see the links below:

Year 1 (2017/18): Pupil-Equity-Fund-at-Quarryhill-newsletter.pdf (191 downloads)

Year 2 (2018/19):  Pupil Equity Fund Quarryhill Aug-2018 (68 downloads)

Year 2 – update (2018/19)  Newsletter-Y2-update.docx (29 downloads)

Our Year 1 Achievements: 

  • We served 559 breakfasts with the installation of our new kitchen 
  • The 80-100% attendance rate rose by 6%
  • The amount of absences <80% dropped by 5%
  • We saw overall increase in well being and engagement using the Leuvin Scale 
  • The percentage of people attending clubs outside/within school rose from 30% to 98% across the school
  • Our SHANARRI results show positive change from Sept 2017-April 2018
  • Targeted support for literacy and numeracy has been effective with an increase in the number of pupils achieving their learning targets and achieving expected national levels at P1, 4, 7
  • We have benefited from new digital technologies and fresh resources to support learning further

Below are some fantastic examples as to how we have all benefited from the Pupil Equity Fund at Quarryhill: 

We provide lots of lunch clubs, some supported by the Pupil Equity Fund. On Mondays we offer Athletics for P1-3, on Tuesday we offer dance club for P4-7 and on a Wednesdays we offer drama club for P3-6.

The PEF supports breakfast for pupils and staff alike every morning from 8.30am.

The Pupil Equity Fund supports Art club for pupils who do not go to many clubs!