Parental Questionnaires May 2018

Thank you to the 120 parents who responded to the online questionnaires.
This has been very helpful and I am delighted to inform you that the responses were very positive – 19 questions had over 85% as responses with strongly agree or agree.
There were 5 questions that had mixed responses – areas for development which I will include in our school improvement plan. I will be sending out invitations to parents to attend a Tea & Talk and will discuss these topics at the meeting.
1. Increased opportunities for you and your child to learn together – Family Learning Development Worker now supports the school and can assist
2. Ensure we consult parents more, to ensure your views are taken into account
3. Further advice / information of how to support learning at home
4. Information about the work of the PTA and Parent Council, encourage parents to become involved – discuss at the next PTA / Parent Council meeting to improve this
5. Bullying policy and procedures will be shared with parents on the website to ensure clarity & discuss at Tea & Talk meeting
Some parents added additional comments which were mostly positive. As the questionnaire is anonymous I am unable to address concerns directly to parents.
A reminder that if you have concerns about bullying or any aspect about the school then please contact the school office so that we can arrange a time to discuss this further.

Parent Survey May 2018 (40 downloads)