Our Staff

Senior Management Team:
Head Teacher – Mrs Yorston
DHT– Mrs Macdonald (responsibility for P2 – P7, Monday – Thursday)
PT/ DHT – Mrs Broadrick (responsibility for Nursery and P1)
PT – Miss Anderson

This year we will have ten classes:
P1 – Mrs Broadrick
P1 – Miss McCormick
P2 – Miss Reid
P2/3 – Miss McFarlane
P3 – Miss Forsyth
P4 – Miss Brown
P4/5 – Miss Gray
P5/6 – Mrs Thompson-Miller
P6 – Miss Anderson
P7 – Mrs Macdonald (Monday – Wednesday)/Mr Pirrie (Thursday & Friday)
Nursery Team: Mrs Shedlock, teacher and Early Years Practitioners – Mrs Dali (Senior), Miss Don, Mrs Howls, Miss McRobbie
Targeted Support Team: Mrs Allan, Mrs Slessor, Mrs Chaudhry

Pupil Support Staff – Mrs McCallum, Mrs Downie, Mrs Wood, Mrs Jones, Mrs Reilly, Mrs Mackay and Mrs Christie