Our Staff

Head Teacher Mrs Sue Yorston
Depute Head Teacher Mrs Sharron Macdonald
Principal Teacher/Depute Head Teacher Mrs Susan Broadrick
Principal Teacher Mrs Kirsten Smith
Class Teachers Mrs Charlotte Thompson-Miller

Miss Chelsea Gray

Miss Laura McCormick

Miss Jen Brown

Mrs Abbie Percival

Mrs Selina Rendall

Mrs Alex Johannsen

Miss Heather Greig

Mr Mathew Nixon

Mrs Kalpana GC

Ms Louise Carcone

Mrs Kirsten Smith

Targeted Support Team Mrs Susan Allan

Mrs Fiona Slessor

Mrs Samina Chaudhry

School Administrator Mrs Ann Strachan
School Support Assistant Mrs Diane Connell
Nursery Teacher Mrs Susan Broadrick
Early Years Practitioners Miss Nicola Don

Miss Donna McRobbie

Mrs Vanessa Howls

Lead Early Years Practitioners Mrs Andrea Morrice (Currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Charmaine Giaimis

Pupil Support Assistants Mrs Frances McCallum

Mrs Jackie Wood

Mrs Maggie Downie

Mrs Dawn Jones

Mrs Sam Thain

Mrs Lynn Christie

Visiting Specialists



Mrs Katrina Smillie

Miss Rachel Murray

Ms Lesley Thornton

Janitor Mr Jason McIntyre
Dining Staff Mrs Audrey Paterson

Mrs Melissa Neil

Mrs Marion Stewart

Mrs Donna Steven

Cleaning Staff Mrs Lynne Clifford

Mrs Debbie Stephen

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