Lenny the Dementia Dog

A very special visitor to our senior assembly today – Lenny and his owners John and Jeannette. 

Jeannette told the pupils all about how Lenny helps John who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s  . She also told the pupils all about Lenny’s specialised training to becoming a highly trained assistance dog. You can find out more about Lenny here – https://news.stv.tv/feature/dementia-dog-lenny-opens-up-whole-new-world-for-owner?top

The Rotakids have organised a ‘Guess Lenny’s Birthday.’  Pupils are invited to guess Lenny’s birthday, 20p per guess. The winner will receive a stuffed ‘Lenny Dog.’ This will begin tomorrow at break and lunch and run until next week. All proceeds will go to Dementia Dogs SCOTLAND.

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