School Uniform

Quarryhill uniform consists of the following:

  • Grey sweatshirt/cardigan with embroidered school badge
  • School polo shirt with embroidered school logo
  • Plain grey or dark school trousers/skirt (NOT tracksuit trousers)

Sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts can be purchased from the school office.

School Uniform at Quarryhill

School Uniform at Quarryhill

The school does not permit the wearing of football shirts, shorts, scarves and hats as these can cause conflict between pupils.

The wearing of garments with prominent logos such as Nike, Adidas and so on, is also strongly discouraged.

Children should be provided with indoor footwear.   This is to prevent dirt being taken into the classes and the hall.

Quarryhill has virtually 100% support from parents when it comes to pupils wearing uniform.   We believe it is affordable, hard wearing and shows support for what the school is trying to achieve.   It also stops children from competing with each other to wear expensive designer clothes.

Uniform is strongly encouraged at Quarryhill