Vision, Value and Aims

Quarryhill Vision

Links to Children’s Rights:
Article 28: All children have a right to an education
Article 29 – Education should develop each child’s talents to the full
Article 30: Every child has the right to learn
Article 31: All children have the right to relax and play

Nurturing self-belief, ambition and creativity

At Quarryhill our vision is to support learners to develop nurturing qualities, showing respect and understanding for the diversities of life. Learners, who believe in themselves as individuals, are ambitious and creative in their learning. Equally all members of the school community should also display these characteristics, creating this shared vision gives the best context for which all can all learn and develop as individuals.

Quarryhill Values:

Guiding the way we work, together we will be:
Nurturing – provide a safe, nurturing, supportive school community where we value everyone
Respectful – respect and look after each other and the world around us
Aspirational – build on strengths, interests and aspirations Ensure Equality – treat everyone equally
Challenging – create a challenging, engaging and responsive learning environment

Quarryhill aims to:
 provide a warm welcoming inclusive, nurturing environment
 actively encourage and promote health and wellbeing
 recognise and celebrate success
 provide a broad, balanced, well planned curriculum
 build collaborative partnerships with families and the local community
 develop leaders in learning

Learner Dispositions:


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