Active Schools

My name is Holly Dawson and I am the Active Schools Coordinator for the schools within Northfield ASG. The fundamental aim of Active Schools is to offer all children and young people the opportunities and motivation to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, now and into adulthood. We aim to introduce more physical activity into their daily lives through sports, activities, play and dance.
I currently run or help support a wide variety of activities in each school, and within the local community. These activities take place before school, lunchtime or after school. Active Schools also work in partnership with numerous clubs and organisations, as well as work closely with Northfield Academy to provide opportunities for the senior primary pupils to take part in sessions along with pupils from the Academy. We provide additional opportunities, including leadership training for senior pupils, the Fun Run Series, and we also run a variety of holiday and in-service day activities.
In order to ensure that all parents/guardians are receiving information on Active Schools, I have a database of email addresses for as many parents as possible. Places on Active Schools activities fill up quickly so by emailing the information straight to you, you are more likely to get a place rather than waiting for a piece of paper that could end up lost in a schoolbag for weeks!
If you would like to be added to my email list, please email me at with a note of your Child’s First and Last Name, Gender, School and Class.
I also have a Northfield Facebook Page which is kept up to date with sporting activities, events and opportunities within the area and the City. Please ‘like’ this page which can be found by searching for ‘Active Schools Northfield’.
We also have our web site, which is also updated regularly with activities that are taking place within the community. Please follow the link to the Northfield page:
If you have an interest in starting a club or helping at an existing club I would love to hear from you.
Yours sincerely,
Holly Dawson
Active Schools Coordinator
Northfield ASG