Welcome Back!

Good morning everyone! We look forward to seeing everyone back at school today ready for a busy term ahead. Below is the doors you should line up at when the bell rings this morning, at break and also at lunch time.

Doors and toilets:


Pegs Outside Door – lining up


P1B  in class Door beside room 1 – right Infant toilets outside room 2 for P1,2,3


P1M the corner pegs outside class
P2/3M Outside class on right Middle door
P2R Peg room Middle door
P3F Peg room Middle door
P4B Outside Conference room Door beside room 1 – left

Leave by middle door at 3pm

P4, 5, 6,7 senior toilets at middle door or beside nurture
P4/5G Outside conference room


P5/6T Pegs outside room 4 Door beside Nurture Room
P6A Pegs opposite TST rooms
P7M Pegs beside the nursery entrance
ASN base & Nurture Pupils  Use own class pegs


Line up with class if possible Early years pupils use  infant toilets outside medical room