Quarryhill Eagles vs Ferryhill Primary

Quarryhill Eagles played Ferryhill Primary at Ferryhill School. The lineup was: Nico, Corey, Stephen, Nathan, Layton, Finlay and Jay. The game started the ball went back to Corey and he played it up and it hit Ferryhill’s defender’s hand and Quarryhill won a penalty. Jay stepped up to take and hit it just over the bar. Minutes later Jay redeemed himself by taking Quarryhill into the lead 1-0. Ferryhill scored and the score became 1-1. Nathan got himself his first goal in his first game for the team 2-1. Ferryhill equalised again and it was 2-2. After halftime Ferryhill took the lead 3-2. Straight from the goal Jay ran up the right wing only to cross it in and Finlay to finish and equal 3-3. Jay won the ball from the kick off and ran and scored to take the lead 4-3. Ferryhill then scored two to make the score 5-4. Layton then equalised and took it to a 5-5 draw. Jay scored again and took it to 6-5. Yet again Jay scored and that was the last goal for Quarryhill. Ferryhill then had two great finish to make it 7-7 and finish the game. Overall it was a very good game. Report By Finlay